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The MPM 12 Week Meal Plan Mega Bundle ​is now available for purchase!

Master your meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking in 2018 with​​our 12 Week Meal Plan Mega Bundle!!

​Is meal planning a struggle for you?
​Let us help!

​If you are looking for some fresh inspiration and motivation to make healthy dinners a priority again we have you covered with our ​latest ebook! ​​What if there was a friend who would take the time to find delicious recipes for you, calculate the Freestyle Smart Points, put them into a meal plan, and tell you exactly what to buy at the grocery store to make the recipes that week? ​Does that sound too good to be true? Let us be that friend for you!

​This ebook will give you a brand new recipe each night for ​12 full weeks!! Plus, you can repeat the weeks you love and add some variety to your meal planning all year long!!

All the prep work is done for you with this fuss-free meal planning system!

Alisha Hughes ​understands how time-consuming and frustrating it can be to come up with delicious dinners that are low in Freestyle Smart Points. ​Through her organized meal plans, delicious recipes, and practical, user-friendly grocery lists, she equips ​her readers with everything you need ​to successfully pull off dinner every ​night after night!

Alisha's ​12 WEEK MEAL PLAN MEGA BUNDLE eCookbook and meal planner is a practical, efficient resource that will save you hours of time on meal planning each week.


​What do I get in my ebook?

Color coded and numbered meal plans and recipe pages make it easy to identify which recipes and grocery lists go with each meal plan, keeping things simple and organized. ​

Recipe pages include total number of servings, size of one serving, and the WW FreeStyle SP per serving. Meal plan pages share all of this information as well, so you can see all of your information at one glance.

Each weekly meal plan comes with the following...


Every month, we post a new one-week meal plan, and in 2017, we started offering a premium meal plan that included one additional meal, giving you a total of seven meals for the week. Because each premium meal plan was formatted like our “Healthy & Happy Fan Favorites” eCookbook, they ​were designed to allow you to do all of these things:

  • ​Access the eCookbook from your computer, tablet, or smart phone.
  • ​Easily print (and reprint) the weeks you want to return to again and again.
  • ​Print off the weekly meal planning page and stick it on your refrigerator.
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    Check the  shopping list on your smart phone while you’re walking the aisles of the grocery store.
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    ​Pull up each recipe on your tablet while working in the kitchen.

​It is our most convenient method of meal planning to date!

​​There are 84 dinners in this ebook that are compiled from the recipes in our premium 2017 MPM meal plans, as well as our previous "Healthy & Happy Fan Favorites" ebook. Our first ebook, “Healthy and Happy Fan Favorites,” included four weeks of MPM recipes organized into meal plans that included grocery lists. ​We purposefully designed our first ebook using a format that we could continue using with future ebooks. In doing so, we wanted to give our readers a smart, efficient, and cohesive way to build on their library of MPM meal plans and recipes.

This ebook takes all the same quality and convenience you have come to expect from our previous “Healthy and Happy Fan Favorites” ebook and triples it with 3 FULL MONTHS OF DINNERS all planned out for you!

Some of the recipes in this eCookbook include...

  • ​Southwest Chipotle Chicken & Beans (2 SP)
  • ​Easy Turkey Stromboli (6 SP)
  • ​Chicken Lemon Rice Soup (2 SP)
  • ​Creamy Chicken & Stuffing Casserole (5 SP)
  • Turkey Taco Salad (2 SP)
  • ​One Pot Chicken Marsala (6 SP)
  • Chicken Chili Phyllo Poppers (5 SP)

How this
will help you...

  • Alleviate the stress and time of calculating WW FreeStyle Smart Points. All of the recipes' ingredients have been entered into the WW recipe builder for you, and the updated FreeStyle Smart Points per serving are included, making it super simple to stay on plan.
  • Make grocery shopping fast and efficient. Get in and out of the grocery store by using the provided grocery lists, which are organized according to where you will find the ingredients in the store, saving you from circling around the store over and over again trying to find everything.
  • Know what is coming up, and plan around it. You will get an overview of your weeks at a glance, including the Smart Points, number of servings, and expected cooking time for each recipe, so you can plan the rest of your meals and snacks around the dinners you will be eating throughout the week.
  • Save you the time it takes to plan out all your recipes and create your meal plans. Everything you need to be organized for dinner for a ​3 full months is all done for you. In fact, you could repeat ​these 12 weeks of meal plans over and over again, saving you more than ​three month's worth of meal planning!
  • Overcome the temptation to make poor eating choices. It can be very tempting to impulsively go to fast-food restaurants when you don't have a plan for dinner and you don't know what to eat. Having the ingredients on hand and the plan on the refrigerator will take that temptation away. And because the recipes are better than what you can find at the fast-food joints, you will actually want to stay home.

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​MPM Testimonials...

See what the MPM community has been saying about our meal plans:

​I truly never felt like I was eating a diet meal which is why I love MPM so much. I'm eating healthy without sacrificing taste or texture or anything else."


“​I purchased this bundle about a week ago, and I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU! You have made my dinners come together quickly, easily and inexpensively! And my husband and 2 year old have loved the recipes so far. Plus, I am losing weight!"


I just purchased the 12 week meal plans. I am very happy with it. So many times you get plans and all of the food is complicated, time consuming, or food my family wont eat. The meals that are in this book are very down to earth and I feel will fit the #reallife cook trying to live a healthy life style. Thank you. Meal Planning Mommies for all of your hard work.

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Who is this meal plan for?

The meal plans in this eBook were designed with Weight Watchers members in mind, but they are great for anyone trying to eat sensibly, without feeling deprived. All of the recipes make between 4-8 servings, with the exception of the Shredded Beef Sandwiches that make 12 servings. Recipes can be paired down to work with how many people you feed. If you are cooking for less than four people, many of the recipes can be refrigerated and eaten for lunch the next day, saving you from having to figure out another meal!​

What if I don't like a recipe? Can I still use the meal plan without using one of the recipes?

YES! The meal plans and grocery lists were created with numbers in parenthesis next to each ingredient, indicating what recipe(s) the ingredient is for. So if the "Shrimp Scampi" recipe is number 4 on the meal plan for that week, there would be a (4) next to all of the ingredients for the shrimp scampi. If you will not be making that recipe, you can simply cross off anything on the grocery list with a (4) next to it.

How do I view, and use, my eBook?

After completing your purchase, you will receive an email from our sales provider, Gumroad. This email will include a link to download your product. The eBook is in PDF format and can be viewed on your computer, tablet, smart phone, or other electronic device that's able to view PDFs. You can also print a copy of this eBook for easy, offline use.

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​I love the newest ecookbook. It really makes my life a lot  easier. I loved your first one too but this one is just fantastic!!! I do follow Weight Watchers and before I discovered your recipes/menus, food was boring. A heartfelt thank you for all of your hard work, my family and I truly appreciate it!!!

​Angela R.