Table For Two
Meal Planner and eCookbook

The Table for Two ebook is the perfect dinner meal planning companion for anyone feeding ​one or two people on the WW (formerly Weight Watchers) program:

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    ​​​All of the ​recipes give ingredients and instructions ​for making two servings.
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    ​​WW friendly recipes include the number of ​Smart Points on the FreeStyle Program​.
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    ​Each meal plan includes a bonus ​page that offers ideas ​of things you can do with any possible leftover ingredients​. 

​Stop dividing recipes and throwing out leftovers...

​​​Do ​any of these things sound familiar?

  • You ​are tired of going through ​the trouble of pairing down recipes that typically feed between four to eight people.
  • ​You have to choose between doing the math, dividing ingredients and re-figuring the WW Smart Points, or refrigerating/freezing leftovers and reheating​ the food later.
  • You have tried ​freezing foods​ because you did not want to waste the food, knowing it probably wouldn't thaw and reheat well later.
  • ​​If a recipe makes 6 servings and you discover you do not like the recipe, all of the leftovers​ just get thrown out. After all, ​who wants to eat food they don't enjoy all week long?

“​The most expensive food you buy is the food you waste."

​All of that extra work can really take the fun out of meal planning, cooking, and eating.

​Let Alisha help you make meal planning, cooking, and EATING fun again with her Table For Two​ ebook! All of the dinners you need for four full weeks are planned out with printable meal plan pages, grocery lists, and recipes pages.

This new ebook takes the guess work out of meal planning for two people, because guess what...​ALL THE WORK IS DONE FOR YOU!

“​I bought the “Table for Two” ecookbook and I love it! It saved me from giving up on my weight loss journey. The meals are delicious and so easy to cook. Having a weekly grocery list, recipes and instructions with pictures readily accessible has taken so much stress off of me in meal planning. I was tired of cooking recipes that had multiple servings and eating the left overs several times during the week. My husband loves the Table for Two recipes and he doesn’t even need to lose weight! I have recommended your site to several friends on the same journey and they love your recipes too. Thank you for all your hard work in making meal planning so easy!"


Practical and efficient​, this ebook will...

​Save frustration.

​When you buy what is on each grocery list, you will ​have everything you need ​to successfully pull off making seven dinners each week for 1-2 people.

​Save money.

​No more wasted food. ​​​Ingredients are used in more than one recipe, and if they aren't ​we have provided extra ideas of things to do with the leftover ingredients at the end of each week's meal plan.

​​​Save time.

​​No more dividing ingredients,

re-figuring WW Smart Points,  or scouring the internet and cookbooks for recipes ​that divide well for two people!

Message from ​the author...

"​For the past several years, it has been my joy to create and share WW friendly recipes and meal plans on Meal Planning Mommies. I ​love ​sharing what I ​am feeding my family of five, but ​we had just one problem... In a survey we did back in ​March 2018, I learned that I was missing ​​nearly half of my readers' specific needs by not offering ​a meal planning ebook that served two people. ​You read that right...50 percent!! That's when I knew I ​NEEDED to create this ebook. If you are feeding one ​or two people, let me just tell you, you are ​not alone. I am so thrilled to get to serve you better with our newest Table For Two ebook.​ ​I hope you love it!"

- ​Alisha Hughes (​co-founder and recipe maker at Meal Planning Mommies)

​A quick snap shot of ​households in America.

​It turns out, the statistics from ​the Meal Planning Mommies survey ​are actually lower than the overall statistics in America! ​The number of households in the United States with 1-2 people in them was 62.4 percent in the year 2017, and the average household ​had 2.54​ people living in it.* The pie chart below puts the 2017 household statistics in America into perspective.

*These ​statistics are gathered and shared on Statista here and here.

​So, how about you? Are you one of the 62.4 ​%? If you are, chances are good you would ​also group yourself with the 50% of Meal Planning Mommies readers who ​​feel that a meal planning eCookbook ​for two people would be extremely helpful, so let's talk a little bit more about what you get with this ebook...

What ​is included in the Table for Two ebook:


Detailed meal plan pages.

​E​very week comes with a meal plan page that includes all of the information you might need to plan ​​each dinner into your schedule. Meal plan pages include the following:

  • Pictures of the recipes for the week
  • ​All of the ingredients needed for each recipe
  • ​Typical cooking times
  • Number of W​W FreeStyle Smart Points per serving.

Recipes are intentionally ​organized to offer a range of Smart Points per serving each week and ​​practical use of ingredients to reduce wasted food.

​Easy to use grocery lists.

​Grocery lists are designed with the layout of a typical grocery store in mind, making it easier to find the ingredients when you are in the store.

  • ​Each recipe is numbered, and the ingredients for that recipe are included. This way, if you choose not to use a recipe, you will know what ingredients not to get at the store.
  • ​Alisha's ideas for side dishes are added to the grocery list in the "optional sides" section. This is a new feature M​PM readers have specifically requested.
  • ​Ingredients are grouped by the sections they are in at the store, ​eliminating the need to back-track through the store for forgotten ingredients. 

Easy to follow ​recipe pages.

​Colorful recipe pages are easy to follow and include the ingredients and instructions for cooking two servings. ​ Some recipes include extra tips from Alisha, such as suggested sides and differing variations for the recipe. All of the recipes include the following:

  • Picture of what the recipe looks like after it is prepared.
  • Ingredients and instructions for making two servings.
  • ​A link at the bottom of the page that takes you to where the recipe is on the Meal Planning Mommies blog so you can see how it was originally shared and for additional step-by-step pictures.
  • Number of W​W FreeStyle Smart Points per serving, and the size of one serving.

Ideas for ​leftover ingredients.

​If you buy a package of tortillas and only use ​half of them, what do you do with the rest of the tortillas?  A few ideas may come to your mind, but just in case ​they don't, we have you covered​ with our "Ideas for ​Leftover Ingredients" page.

​This special page is at the end of each meal plan. Ingredients ​for which you may have extra after the week is over are listed and are followed by ways to use those ingredients. Things you may find on this page are the following:

  • Snack ideas
  • Side dish ideas
  • ​Other recipes that use that ingredient with links to where you can find them on the Meal Planning Mommies website
  • Links to lists on MPM that ​suggest W​W friendly recipes that use those ingredients

How this
eCookbook will help you...

  • ​Alleviate the stress and time of calculating WW FreeStyle Smart Points. All of the recipes' ingredients have been entered into the WW recipe builder for you, and the FreeStyle Smart Points per serving are included, making it super simple to stay on plan.
  • Make grocery shopping fast and efficient. Get in and out of the grocery store by using the provided grocery lists, which are organized according to where you will find the ingredients in the store, saving you from circling around the store over and over again trying to find everything.
  • Know what is coming up, and plan around it. You will get an overview of your weeks at a glance, including the Smart Points, number of servings, and expected cooking time for each recipe, so you can plan the rest of your meals and snacks around the dinners you will be eating throughout the week.
  • Save the time it takes to plan out all your recipes and create your meal plans. Everything you need to be organized for dinner for ONE full month is all done for you. In fact, you could repeat ​these 4 weeks of meal plans over and over again, saving you more than ​​one month's worth of meal planning!
  • Overcome the temptation to make poor eating choices. It can be very tempting to impulsively go to fast-food restaurants when you don't have a plan for dinner and you don't know what to eat. Having the ingredients on hand and the plan on the refrigerator will take that temptation away. And because the recipes are better than what you can find at the fast-food joints, you will actually want to stay home.

"I understand now how challenging meal planning for two is."

"​I never realized how challenging and time-consuming editing recipes to feed two people was until I set out to create this Table for Two ebook. I thought it would be quick and easy to put the ebook together since I already made the recipes for my family and shared them on the blog. Boy was I wrong! I understand now that not all recipes divide easily and so much food can be wasted ​when a week is not planned well. ​My goal with this ebook was to reduce stress, time, and wasted food for those feeding one ​or two people. Now, more than ever, I understand and appreciate the value of that!"

- ​Alisha Hughes (​Recipe creator and author ​of the Table For Two ebook)

​All of your meal planning done for you​...

​Get your 4-week meal planning ebook today, and ​enjoy the relief of knowing that all of your meal planning is taken care of for the next four weeks!

Access your ebook from any electronic device and/or print your ebook.

Make this ebook work for you! ​​A few options ​to consider:

  • Download the ebook to your computer, ​tablet, smartphone, and/or laptop. 
  • ​Print the whole ebook and put the pages in page protectors. 
  • ​Take the printed pages to​ your local office supply store and have it spiral bound.
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     Print grocery lists over and over again so you can mark off the lists as you shop. 

Get Access to ​Your Ebook ​​today!


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​What You’ll Get with your ebook...

  • ​4 weeks of dinner meal plans
  • ​4 Easy to use grocery lists
  • ​28 recipe pages with pictures
  • ​W​W FreeStyle information
  • ​Peace of mind 

All th​is for just:

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"Love it or get your money back...​guaranteed!"

"I truly never felt like I was eating a diet meal which is why I love MPM so much. I'm eating healthy without sacrificing taste or texture or anything else."

- ​​Paula (​Meal Planning Mommies reader)